New in the Office

Dentistry is always changing.  In order to provide our patients with dentistry that has been proven to work over the course of time, we will devote this portion of the site to changes we have made in our office.

Fluoride for Adults

One of the most successful advances in dentistry has been the use of fluoride.  Over the past several decades the amount of dental decay, most noticeably in children but also in adults, has plummeted due to the use of fluoride.  Bottom line . . . kids just don’t get cavities and adults have fewer areas of new decay.  Fluoride has been proven to reduce decay . . . period.

Fortunately, because of advances in dental care, more and more adults have kept their teeth.  These adults have also experienced more root surface sensitivity and root surface decay due to gum recession that exposes these once covered areas.  Fluoride treatment in the form of a dental “varnish” has proven to be effective in reducing root sensitivity and in reducing the decay rate on these surfaces.

We have incorporated the use of a fluoride varnish and recommend its use for all of our patients, both children and adults.